Background info of the artists:
Jussi Koitela
is a visual artist and curator based in Tampere, Finland. He graduated from Tampere Polytechnic University Fine Arts Degree Program (BA) in 2010. In 2012 fall he started Curating, Managing and Mediating Art MA Program at Aalto University. Koitela works with conceptual media art and participatory projects. He is interested in social discourses and the settings where they are realized. In his recent works Koitela has focused to concepts and language used in media discussions and debates about gender and sexuality. As a part of his artistic work Koitela works as curator and writer.
More info: www.jussikoitela.com
Lauri Wuolio (1984)
is an artist working with sounds, concepts and various other media. Ranging from public installations to traditional folk music and contemporary poetry he is constantly searching for a fresh and relevant way to communicate with his surroundings — either human or non-human. Wuolio has studied in the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts since 2005, obtaining BA degree in 2009, and currently finishing his MA studies in the Joint Nordic Sound Art Programme. Wuolio has described himself as a zenarchist, believing in a non-hierarchic society built on meditation and mindful living. He lives and works in Helsinki.
Biography & More info: wuolio.fi