Background info of the artists:
Miina Hujala
bases her work on moving image using a variety of methods and tactics from video aesthetic to motion picture style and making works thru still images and constructed installations. She has graduated as a BA in Fine Arts from Tampere University of Applied Sciences in 2007 and finished her MA from Aalto University's School of Art and Design in Helsinki last year. The subject matter of her works has dealt with the constructive and subjective nature of reality and the concepts of knowledge and truth. With short filmic narrations she portrays the problems of the self, and other issues connected to justifying one's own behavior. In her recent installation works she has been interested in how we interpret life and perceive the boundaries between "I" and the "Other". As a part of her artistic practice she organizes collaborative projects and runs a window front gallery called Alkovi in Helsinki.
More info: www.miinahujala.fi

Iidu Tikkanen
works with painting and is currently studying in the program of Master of Fine Arts in Department of Painting at Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki.She gratuated from Tampere Polytechnic as a Bachelor of Fine Art in 2007. She has had solo exhibitions in Jangva and Tm- galleries in Helsinki and she as also taken part in group exhibitions such as New painting from Tampere in Tr1 Kunsthalle at 2011 and Artists 2008 -exhibition in Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art in Vaasa.
More info: iidutikkanen.blogspot.fi/